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Visionary mushroom practicum
A medicine woman’s perspective on the practical and mystical layers of visionary mushroom medicine 


Image: James Christenson

The reverent and ritual use of nature's visionary offerings provides a powerful path to self-knowledge and illumination. A 12-year apprenticeship to the mycelial teachers has opened gateways into the depths of my soul and connected me to spirit intelligences I would never have dreamed of meeting.


Psilocybin is still sadly illegal in most countries. This course is meant to provide helpful information for those new to this subject who are seeking a deeper understanding. Personal responsibility is essential and the more informed one's decisions are, the safer one will be. 

A comprehensive audio course study consisting of 9 modules covering the following subjects:


Module 1: Psilocybin Overview

Module 2: The Choices

Module 3: Set & Setting/Ritual

Module 4: Spirit Intelligences

Module 5: Interpretation: Symbolism & Alchemy

Module 6: Mediumship

Module 7: Microdosing

Module 8: Self-Care

Module 9: Practical Magic

Includes a PDF copy of my book, Love & Spirit Medicine


Loved the course! I will listen again...and again! Comprehensive, beautifully presented, so thoughtfully put together. I felt you emptied yourself of all that you had learned, all your experience, all that you had become. And now ladies and gents, wait until you see what comes next!

Nina D. Palo Alto, CA


Exactly what I had hoped for and then some! Your knowledge and your passion make this course all the more valuable, and your personal stories are inspiring and much appreciated. Many thanks!

Jeff S., Austin, TX


I thought this course was very clear and informative. You've done a great job covering multiple aspects of the subject and I will be recommending it to my clients who are seeking information that will keep them both safe and savvy. Well done!

Carol T., MSW, LICSW, Tucson, AZ 

I have been binging on your Mushroom Practicum and finished Love and Spirit Medicine quickly as well. Your voice and presence has been with me for days now. So what have I learned? To trust myself and my own connection to spirit, to embrace my own authority and to trust in the process. I will be listening to the Practicum again...this time taking notes and focusing on the many wonderful books suggested at the end of each section. I will be doing this not so much that I can continue to feel the palatable connection that has already been created between us, but so that I can know my own path. 

Rein J., Toronto, Canada

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