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 I am honored to be a contributor to Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine.  This book explores the transformative powers of feminine consciousness and altered states revealed by contributors from many paths - scholars, visionary artists, anthropologists, modern shamans,  psychotherapists, and more. It explores the archetypal dimensions of the feminine principle and the ways in which entheogens offer open access to these ancient archetypes, including goddess consciousness and the dark feminine. Contributors examine the female roots of shamanism, including the role of women in the ancient rites of Dionysus, the Eleusinian Sacrament, and Norse witchcraft. Also discussed are psychedelic and embodied paths to ecstasy, such as trance dance and holotropic breathwork, as well as the similarities between giving birth and taking mind-altering drugs. This is a rich exploration into the power of plant medicines and the recasting of the medicine-woman archetype for the modern world. 


Honeybee Wisdom: A Modern Melissa Speaks is a spiraling journey that begins with the wisdom of the ancients, particularly the Mediterranean priestesshoods and their connection to the honeybee, followed by a candid look at the contributing factors that are causing the steep decline in bee populations. A message of hope is explored in the form of Biodynamic farming and gardening, along with Rudolf Steiner’s insightful esoteric understanding of the inner workings of the bees. Separate chapters are devoted to the many medicines from honey to venom, along with advice on the creation of a bee garden. 

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Love and Spirit Medicine chronicles my life-changing mystical journey through the ending of my marriage and my explorations into the realms of the sacred mushroom. It details a year of monthly shamanic journeys under the tutelage of the mushroom spirits within the classroom of the forest. This is a woman’s telling – raw, vulnerable, and honest. It offers hard-won wisdom as I traverse a dark night of the soul and emerge whole and greatly resourced as a result of the multiple initiations I faced during that profound time of my life. This book is a love story that shares what can happen when an intrepid woman steps off the well-trodden path of convention and enters into the mystical realms of the ancient nature teachers.


“A sweeping hero’s journey into the mythic realms and magical healing of mushroom shamanism…”

~Talat Jonathan Phillips, co-founder of Evolver

This little book is a love letter to women. It contains 7 messages that invite the reader into connection with the mother goddess, Ix Chel, to honor themselves as reflections of the Divine Feminine. Practices are given to honor the womb, the menstrual cycle, sacred bathing, beauty, the void, the path of the heart, and our connection to the sun. This book serves as a gentle reminder of ourselves as reflections of the goddess, as maiden, as mother, and as wise woman elder.

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