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with Spirit

My individual therapy and couple's counseling sessions are probing and revelatory, taking clients to unresolved, emotional material where the gems of insight and wisdom can be found. Healing takes dedication and a willingness to do the work required to resolve and move forward.  When one sees with new eyes it is as if a spell has been broken. In this way my clients are able to shed their demons, reconcile events and shift patterns, resulting in new levels of emotional and spiritual maturity and happiness. 

Sessions available via Zoom or Phone 

Shonagh Home, Shamanic Therapist, Teacher, Author & Poet


Three-Month Therapy Package

Twelve - 60-Minute Sessions 

This extended commitment will serve over time to turn pain and/or life challenges into power and purpose moving forward. These sessions will explore the issue and address the cause, not simply the symptoms. In addition to psycho-spiritual work, we will use dreams and active imagination to explore the deeper layers of the psyche. Divination tools such as cards and the iChing will be used as a way to further plumb the mind as well as explore future potentials. We will discuss your diet and will work to support nutrition needs for mental/emotional/physical health and wellbeing. Practical tools will be discussed and implemented to establish the desired new paradigm. This will be your commitment and mine to support your trajectory forward to a place where you are comfortable in your own skin, with confidence and clarity to greet life and avail yourself of all it has to offer.

Cost: $1750


Shonagh Home
(From the wife of a client):


You are my fairy godmother/mushroom princess (our nicknames for you). I can not thank you enough for all that you have already done for us.  It's been years since I've seen him lit up. Your words and wisdom are really touching him and I see him healing. Thank you just doesn't quite cut it....


Jessica W., MI

"My work with Shonagh began about 4 months ago when I sought her out for help with my depression over the death of my wife. Prior to that, I wound my way through a few therapists, all of whom prescribed anti-depressants, which only deadened my senses and kept me in a kind of emotional holding zone. The result was 3 years of "going through the motions" with no sense of aliveness. I'm afraid I came to Shonagh out of desperation - she was a "last resort" for me. Well, life works in surprising ways.

 Shonagh's "medicine" consists of an uncanny ability to go far beyond what she calls "the surface story" and call up the underlying causative layers. She possesses tremendous insight that has conveyed a sense of found wisdom for me. She is a spirit medium, which lends mystical and surprisingly profound aspects to our sessions. As a result of committed and consistent work with her I am off the anti-depressants. I have a newfound appreciation for the mystery of life AND death AND my own soul's mystery.

​I feel as if I have awakened from a long sleep. I am spending dedicated time in nature, both hiking and just being still, and I have reentered relationship for the first time in years, with a clear sense of my own purpose and a mature appreciation for the temporal quality of life. This testimonial cannot come close to expressing how impressed I am with the level of integrity and wisdom this fine medicine woman possesses. I would not hesitate to recommend her, particularly for overcoming intense challenge."

Robert M., Florida 


Several months ago, I sought Shonagh out because I was in transition and wanted guidance in moving forward in creating something new in my life, especially in my work. I have been a couple's therapist for 35 years and a new calling has been "flirting" with me for a long time. So many fears and negative thoughts have stopped me from changing what has been a very successful career for me. What has helped me so much in my work with Shonagh is her capacity to see the bigger picture and to mirror back my higher soul purpose and the strength she sees in me. Shonagh's heart and creativity are her best assets as well as her ability to connect to transpersonal energies that are always there to help us. When you get stuck in your limitations and programming, Shonagh is there so open you to a wider perspective. Thank you, dear sister!

~Martha L. LCSW, Darien, CT


Shonagh is kind, nurturing, energetic, supportive and devoted to her various crafts. She creates the conditions of possibility for insight and joy. She generously shares her knowledge and is deeply committed to transformation and healing. 

 H. Flower Cunningham, Washington

My experiences with Shonagh are almost impossible to sum up in words, as every moment spent with her was profound, healing and overall quite serendipitous. I came to Shonagh to seek healing and  reassurance in my battle against cancer, and what I received was a shift in spirit that I don't think anyone could ever have anticipated. Through her attentiveness, healing therapies and generous heart, Shonagh helped me transform from an empty shell to a conscious being. Shonagh's comforting presence and patience enabled me to give my soul a voice, and when the words finally erupted from my core I experienced what I consider to be a break-through moment. I was fortunate to spend weeks working with Shonagh, and while I still have the cancer inside my body, I can say that spiritually, mentally and emotionally, this outstanding woman brought healing to my life on levels that are far deeper and more relevant than any conventional treatment could have ever provided. I have a newfound strength that is fearless, and when stress, challenges and obstacles come my way I return to those moments with her and give any negative emotions I have, a voice. I encourage you to introduce yourself to her, whether it is for shamanic therapy, or to simply be close to someone who is radiant and full of life. Shonagh, my love and appreciation for you grows by the day and I think of you often. Thank you for coming into my journey and for reminding me that I am Love and I am Loved. You are a gift!

Jennifer J., Phoenix, AZ


Shonagh, I have already had so many revelations as a result of our session yesterday! Like...WHOA!    

~Nicole, S, Rhode Island 

Dear Shonagh, 
You and your teachings have been such an important aspect of my own healing and processing journey in the last month, in all that has happened. This last month has been incredibly potent, moving me from despair to this state of conscious becoming. It is the start of something very different for me and I don't know exactly what it looks like yet but I feel you are an important piece of it. You are the real deal, Shonagh Home. Your authenticity, courage and inner light of the Owl Medicine shine bright.    
Lynsey B., L.os Angeles 

Dear Shonagh, 

I so appreciate your time, the free and enthusiastic sharing of your wisdom, and your good-natured presence and warmth. I very much look forward to further work and I am blessed to be able to call you "teacher." 

Clark, C. , Michigan 


Dearest Shonagh,

I want you to know how much you have helped us these past few months. Our relationship has turned a corner as we've opened ourselves to the understanding and the healing of our old wounds that have been affecting the way we relate. Your work with people goes very deep and it takes courage to do that level of self-evaluation and healing. I am so grateful that both of us were on board for this. You are a guiding light and a magnificent force of shamanic power - owl medicine, bee medicine and LOVE medicine. I'm so grateful we found you. Thank you from both of us. We will be sending you referrals.    

~Laurie & Ben K., Seattle , WA   

Dear Shonagh,

I am writing this note to express my gratitude for the work you are doing with/for my son. Please know that as he learns, experiences and receives your healing wisdom he shares what he is taught with me. In turn, I share what I've learned with others. In this way your healing spirit teaches many people you don't even know. Thank you for serving in this way!

~Ann F., Cleveland, OH


I used to joke that I don’t know how anyone makes it through their forties or divorce without a Shaman on speed dial, but it’s actually no joke. Order Shonagh’s books or listen to a podcast.  If it resonates, set up a Skype session, or get a couple of friends to join you on one of her Olympic Rain Forest Medicine retreats. It is a gift you give yourself and if you’re willing to do your part of the work, the effects will ripple outwards for a long time to come.  

Sarah A., Seattle, WA  


I've been studying with Shonagh for over 2 years. Initially I attended her monthly full moon ceremonies and then went on to attend her 2-year shamanic study. Shonagh's vision, open heart, and connection with the divine has allowed me to grow in the wisdom and knowledge I was seeking. Shonagh walks in integrity and creates a safe space in which to learn and receive the information she brings through. She is an avid reader with many years of delving into different healing modalities, which allows for a solid base for the teachings she shares. I would recommend Shonagh's classes and private sessions to anyone who is truly interested in opening their heart, deepening their wisdom, and making a connection with the divine. Shonagh's work is not for light-weights but rather for those who truly want to shed old patterns and move forward with ease. 

Cheryl L., Redmond, WA



If you are looking for a therapist/teacher who will open the doorway to your soul, expand your awareness, and propel you forward in your life's journey, Shonagh is the right choice. She is an amazingly wise woman, shaman, mentor and human being. I am privileged to have been a student in her yearlong nature classroom, and I am a better woman for it.

Laura P., Issaquah, WA 


Dear Shonagh,

My heart fills with gratitude for the gifts you’ve given to our world! Your beautiful soul shines brightly in all you share, and the sacred teachings you articulate are already so precious to me. I’m beginning to implement them and I’m starting to feel a goddess wholeness that is marvelous! Also, a strong and tender connection to Mother Earth. Wondrous things are happening on my journey and your voice is such a beautiful part of it! My book group of spiritually-minded women (we call ourselves “Soul Sisters”!) will be excited to learn from your teachings and I can’t wait to share your wisdom with them. I’m so blessed to know these amazing sisters.  I love what you shared about going within to one’s own guidance. Your writing resonates and is a revelation. Thank you again for your AMAZING treasures you bring to all women! With much admiration and LOVE to you and our dear Mother Earth,

Suzanne H., Atlanta Georgia 


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