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into the cauldron

A One-On-One Daylong Immersion 



Over time people have asked if I would consider offering a shorter online version of my one-on-one retreat, which would focus on their needs in a highly concentrated way but without the hassle of travel, expense, and time away from work and family. Well, I am finally making that available.


This daylong one-on-one immersion will function as a container for laser focus on the issue at hand, the underlying cause, and the patterns that perpetuate it. I work with psychological/spiritual exploration, active imagination, (also known as guided journey), dream interpretation, astrology, the use of cards, and the iChing to cull from the deep psyche and procure sage guidance. As well, nutritional assistance is offered plus instruction on how to harness the power of the mind. A game plan will be created to ensure the goals are met.  


Like my retreats, this offering is upfront and personal and wholly devoted to your immediate and long-term needs. I call it “Into the Cauldron” to echo that timeless symbol of nourishment and alchemy, which is precisely what I think we all need at this time of uncertainty and radical change

Cauldron Elements

As with any sacred endeavor, we will begin with an offering, invocation, and vision, connecting with the emissaries of Nature for mutual support and alignment.

Psycho-Spiritual Exploration
We will work with both mind and spirit and utilize our gifts of seership. In this way, we drop deeply into the work to hone in on the origination point of the wound or pattern. With knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual understanding, a new reference is established that assists in the restoration of self-esteem, confidence, connection, creativity, and movement forward.

Dream Inquiry
Dreams are communications from the deep psyche that, like nature, speak in symbol and metaphor. People throughout time paid close attention to the messages
conveyed through dreams. Dreams give profound insight into the inner workings of the psyche and they can be harbingers of what’s to come. We’ll pay close attention to what your dreams have to say and I will assist you to understand the language of
symbolism. This will deepen insight into your own living mystery.

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Divination is a bridge to the unseen worlds and we as a people have been divining for millennia. Common tools for divination are cards, runes, the I-ching, and much
more. These tools are used not only to inquire into future potentials - they can also be used to cull the deep psyche for more personal information. We will divine using both avenues to assist you to both see the deeper layers of what is playing out in your life and to get a glimpse into the potentialities coming down the road.


Guided Journey
Our imagination is a gift and a grace and we can use it for so many things, including visioning, traveling forward or backward in time, journeying inward to heal a part of ourselves or offer advice, etc. etc. This exploration will assist to shift your mindset, which can bring resolution, hope, inspiration, empowerment and more.


A potent map for understanding the persona, the birth chart offers a window into our wiring. This serves to illuminate what makes us tick, what will be our challenges this lifetime, and how to better navigate through deeper understanding of the self. A look at the transiting planets will offer a head's up on the forces playing themselves out both in the stars and in one's own life.



You are what you eat and our nutritional habits either support or hinder us. I have an extensive background in the study of nutrient-dense, traditional foods and will offer my knowledge and support to address any needs you may have in that area. 

Manifestation / Weaving
You are a weaver and the field is your loom. Together, we will explore effective ways through which to weave your life. This requires dedication and consistency and a focused, empowered mind. Practice will pay off in wondrous ways and you will be assisted daily through your own connection to the Otherworld beings that guide you.

Practical Application 
It’s one thing to have an experience and feel wholly inspired - it’s another to put all of that into action. We’ll infuse your immersion experience with practical ways to integrate and establish good habits and routines, as well as practices that promote alignment with the helping spirits that guide you. In this way your endeavor is supported and your goals will be accomplished.

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You Will Receive:

Greater insight








Deeper Alignment with Spirit


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Into the Cauldron


Available Dates:


December and into 2022

Email me with the days that work best for you. 

Immersion Time:  7 Hours

Suggested Schedule:
8:30 to noon
1:00 – 4:30pm

We will use Zoom and our time together will be recorded so you can access everything covered.

"Into the Cauldron  - Cost $900

After purchase, you will receive an email with further infmation

"Into the Cauldron" 

Cost $1050

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After purchase, you will receive an email with further information

*Please allow up to 24 hours for processing.

Cancellation policy:

Cancellations made within 48 hours of scheduled time are subject to a $200 processing fee. 

Shonagh Home

Follow-up Care:
For those who have taken the immersion, a package of 

three 60-minute sessions is available for $400

Ongoing support can be immensely helpful, providing you with just the

encouragement you need to see you through to your goals.

Three- 60-minute sessions

Cost: $400 

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*Please allow up to 24 hours for processing.

"Into the Cauldron  - Cost $900

After purchase, you will receive an email with further infmation

"Into the Cauldron  - Cost $900

After purchase, you will receive an email with further infmation


Shonagh, this was SO helpful and your insights really connected the dots for me. I am overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge you shared and I have a lot of tools to use now. Thank you so much! I will be booking an in-person retreat with you very soon!


Madeline W., Wisconsin

Hey Shonagh.

That was the fastest 7 hours ever!  I can’t thank you enough, this was a huge help for me! I am blown away by the work we did – your immense wisdom, the cards, my birth chart, the books and links. I felt like I was in the best of hands with your guidance and I look forward to continuing our work together.

Sharon T., Florida

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