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I am excited to announce that I will be speaking at the Online Magical Egypt SuMMit in September

Lectures, Workshops, Dialogues, Roundtables & Community
 A Whole Month of Going Deeper and Going Operative September 2023
At the Magical Egypt Beyond Summit, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible.
We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we explore new ways of thinking and being and challenge our preconceptions about ancient Egypt and the modern world around us.
From neuroscience to spirituality, from cutting-edge technology to ancient wisdom, we’ll be exploring the latest breakthroughs and the deepest mysteries of the human experience.
You are invited to actively participate, sharing your thoughts, posing questions, and immersing yourself in the profound wisdom of t
hese exceptional minds.

Other speakers include: 

• Brad Klausen

• Carmen Miller

• Chance Gardner

• Chris Dunn

• Dr. Joanna Kujawa

• Gary Osborn

• Gordon White

• Hereward Tilton

• Ike Rodriguez

• John Sieracki

• Laird Scranton

• Leo Walton

• Lon Milo Duquette

• Shonagh Home

• Thomas Joseph Brown

• Thomas Sheridan

• Tony Wright

• Vanese Mc Neill

• Walter Cruttenden

And more….


The topics are intriguing including:

• 23.5 And The Zodiac - A Conspiracy To Control Or A Pathway To Liberation

• Ecstatic Gnosis - How Kundalini Energy Can Open The Doors To Spiritual Enlightenment

• Exploring the Dynamic Dance of the Earth, Solar System, and Precession

• Heightened states of Consciousness and the Endocrine System

• Magic Mushrooms: Nature's Portal to the Spirit World

• Magick Ex Machina: Exploring the Convergence of AI and Magick

• Pulling the Thread that Unravels the Sweater 

• Rediscovering the Brain of Eden: Unveiling the Hidden Potential of Human Consciousness 

• Samkhya as the Philosophical Foundation of Ancient Cosmology 

• The Ascension Teachings of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the Mysteries of Isis 

• The Book of the Dead: The Book of Coming Forth by Day 

• The History of Lost Civilization 

• The Purpose of the Great Work: Unveiling the Holy Guardian Angel

• The Tesla Connection – Unveiling The Acoustical Science And Clean Energy Harvesting Of The Pyramids 

Tickets are available now at this link  I hope to see you there!

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