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Vajra Body Vajra Mind

Shonagh talks with Jed Ward and Damian Abel about the co-opting of language to keep us divided, word spells, the pros and cons of technology, and more. Nobember 2016

Future Primitive

I am interviewed by Joanna Harcourt-Smith, once the girlfriend of Timothy Leary and now an author and host of this excellent podcast. ​ June 2016

Extreme Health Radio

Shonagh talks with Justin and Kate of Extreme Health Radio about the shamanic path, the use of psilocybin for emotional healing, the role of traditional foods, and more. ​ July, 2016

Lorna Li: Mushroom Medicine Woman

Shonagh talks to Lorna Li from Entheonation about her work as a mushroom medicine woman. May, 2016

Caroline Ra

Shonagh is interviewed by Caroline Ra with Spirit of the Dawn Magazine. She discusses her shamanic unfolding, honeybees and spirit medicine. April 2016

The Psychedelic Salon With Veronica Hernandez

Featured is a conversation between myself and Veronica Hernandez, Jungian therapist and medicine woman, titled 'Bridging Western Medicine and Shamanism.' Febrauary 2016

The Making of Modern Medicine Woman

My talk, 'The Sacred Mushroom: The Making of A Modern Medicine Woman' was given at the Plant Teachers Conference in L.A September, 2015

Women and Entheogens Conference

In this talk I discuss the social engineering via the behaviorists who shaped our culture into a mechanistic, factory society. I then discuss breaking the conditioning via the mushroom. September 2015

The Psychedelic Salon with Kai Wingo

Shonagh talks with mushroom expert, Kai Wingo, the founder of the Women and Entheogens conference in Cleveland, Ohio. July 2015

The Psychedelic Salon With Yalila Espinoza

My latest offering on Psychedelic Salon is a conversation with Yalila Espinoza, Ph.D. We discuss integrating sexuality and spirituality, and the power of plant medicines to heal sexual trauma and bring us to a place of joy and empowerment. February 2015


Shonagh talks to Lorna Li of 'Entrepreneurs for a Change' about how to make a living as a shamanic practitioner. December 2014.


Rak Razam talks with mushroom shamaness and modern-day Oracle, Shonagh Home. October 2014


Rak Razam interviews Shonagh to discuss mushroom magic, shamanic spirit possession, the fey, women's proclivity for oracle work, and more. August 2014

Women's Visionary Congress

Here is the audio for my talk at the Women's Visionary Congress called, 'The Sacred Bee.' May 2014

Shamanic Freedom Radio

Shonagh and Niall talk like kindreds about western "instant coffee" culture, the artificial Aquarian age, the absence of initiation in western culture and more. Shamanic Freedom Radio February 2014

Novelty Generators podcast #19

On this Novelty Generators podcast #19, Shonagh and Niles talk shamanism, contract law, sovereignty, geo-engineering and more. It’s 3-hours of enlightening discussion that will get you thinking out of the box. January 2014

Sacred bathing

Shonagh Home interview on Sacred bathing, an ancient practice that goes back thousands of years! Ascension Kitchen October, 2013

Interview with Robert Phoenix

We are joined by another powerhouse from the Northwest, Shaman and spell breaker, Shonagh Home. Shonagh is the author of "Ix Che: 7 Teachings from the Mayan Sacred Feminine" and her latest book "Love and Spirit Medicine"which chronicles her exploration of entheogens and plant medicine as she copes with the end of a marriage. We'll talk about her breakthroughs and challenges when delving into the realm of the sacred and psychedelic. (Shonagh enters the show at 37:00) Robert Phoenix July 5th, 2013

Susun Weed of Wise Woman's Radio

Outlaw shaman and spell breaker, Shonagh Home is the author of Ix Chel Wisdom: 7 Teachings from the Mayan Sacred Feminine, and the new release, Love and Spirit Medicine. She takes her students beyond the cultural mass-trance into the territory of the sacred. Susun Weed - Wise Women's Radio June 5th 2013

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