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Empowered Forward Movement


This recorded course is designed to help you effectively manage both your private life and your public life by embodying timeless guiding principles that will assist you to express with clarity, to better think on your feet, and to empower you with the light of wisdom. 

The information taught will be life-changing for many, as our "education system" is woefully bereft when it comes to ensuring every child knows these principles, thereby providing them with the light of reason to assist them to navigate life intelligently rather than blindly. 


"Empowered Forward Movement"

4 Part Audio Course - Cost $125

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Class 1:  Guiding Principles


In this first class I will outline ancient wisdoms that have created foundational principles designed to guide our decisions, assist in discernment and keep us on track as we walk in this world. Knowledge and the implementation of these principles will take us far in life and protect us from opportunistic forces. 

Class 2:  Spiritual Foundations of Contract


Essentially, we contracted to be here so let’s get an understanding of the concept of contract, which is foundational knowledge and goes back to the bible and beyond. I will discuss the basic attributes of contract, offer and acceptance, conditional acceptance, different ways in which to sign one’s name, (which have very distinct meanings), how we contract in our everyday life, honor and dishonor, and more. 

Class 3:  Logical Fallacies


A logical fallacy is a flaw in reasoning that renders the user’s argument null because it is not based on reason and so can’t hold weight in an intelligent discourse. We fall prey to these flawed arguments everyday because we do not possess this knowledge. When we can recognize a fallacious argument we can no longer be manipulated. This also assists us to better communicate with others so that we do not get swept up in emotion, which eradicates all ability to proceed with reason. 

Class 4:  Fundamental Teachings for Successful Interactions 


This final class will cover tried and true ways in which to interact harmoniously and effectively with people in order to co-create as well as extend the reach of your influence whether it is a business or community endeavor or both. I will also discuss ways in which to tune in more deeply with others. We give ourselves away by how we act and speak. To develop the ability to recognize the deeper psychological layers within an individual gives you a greater opportunity to understand them better. This gives you a clearer view of who you are dealing with and will serve to stem possible misunderstandings. The more tuned in you are to others the better able you are to co-create harmoniously. 


This was a live audio course and each class is 90-minutes long.  




I am listening to the last audio on the course and the whole time I have just been in a state of excitement and experiencing so much validation, I am loving all that you are saying.

So much of this I have journaled about, received intuitively, contemplated, and much of it I am experiencing now individually and in my partnership, especially the part about observing who is steering my reactions (or his), and being able to take a step back.

I am pretty much freaking out in a great way about how all of this resonates ☺️ 


Thank you so much for this wisdom and for relaying it all so clearly, articulately, and with wit. I really love everything you do. 


With warmth from Ecuador,


*Please allow up to 24 hours for processing.


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