4 Part LIVE Audio Course 

This course is designed to help you effectively manage both your personal life and professional business by embodying timeless guiding principles that will assist you to express with clarity, to better think on your feet, and to empower you with the light of wisdom. 


For four Fridays beginning April 10th, you will be showered with information that will enable you to conduct your affairs from a reference point that will always direct you rightly. This will serve to build confidence and personal power as you navigate forward. 





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Image: Autumn Sky

Manifesting 101:
Waking the inner Magician

Your mind is a Magic Wand and YOU and only YOU set the limits!


Image: James Christenson

Visionary Mushroom Practicum

A medicine woman’s perspective on the practical and mystical layers of visionary mushroom medicine.





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Events/ Workshops
seminar public speaking

I have a treasure trove of talks on my Interview Page where I speak to a wide spectrum of topics ranging from Visionary Mushroom Medicine to Sacred Beekeeping, Nutritional Mentoring and Traditional Ancestral Foods. If you would like to schedule a talk with me please contact me via email: