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Daughters of the Faerie Tree

the bright knowledge

“For the people of the ancient Celtic world, seership opened windows into the otherworld, awakening the essence of true vision and wisdom which was known by the poets as the gléfiosa or ‘the bright knowledge.’” ~Caitlin Matthews

shonagh garden-of-the-hesperides-sir-edw
Artist: Frederic Lord Leighton

Do not let it be forgotten 
that there is a native Mystery Tradition of our race 
which has its mature aspect in the sun-worship of the Druids 
 and the beautiful fairy-lore of the Celts, 
its philosophical aspect in the traditions of alchemy 
and its spiritual aspect in the Hidden Church of the Holy Grail, 
. . . not made with hands, 
eternal in the heavens. 
 - Dion Fortune

Join me for a yearlong immersion that will deepen your connection to the Green Realms of Nature, both seen and unseen. We will walk the labyrinth literally and figuratively, spiraling into the quiet center of the mystery and weaving our way outward, laden with gifts to share.


Eight women will travel quarterly to my magical haven on a rural island in northern Vermont where we will engage an intimate sisterhood, illuminated by the guiding wisdom of old Celtic lore. This is an opportunity to enter a kind of faerie realm of magic-making and bardic study of the celestial influences, divination, inner alchemy, soul flight, ceremony, kitchen witchery, botanical crafting, and the outer-mind study of reason through the Trivium, the logical fallacies and the maxims. This curriculum strengthens both the inner and the outer mind, producing an initiate who can ably straddle both worlds.



Beginning in May of 2020


Thursday is for travel and arrival, (times of arrival will vary for each person).

Friday, Saturday and Sunday will compose our work together.

Monday is the day of departure.

Students must plan accordingly.


Gathering 1:


Thursday, May 7th 8, 9, 10, depart Monday, May 11th


Gathering 2:


Thursday, September 10, 11, 12, 13, depart Monday, May 14th


Gathering 3:


(A new year – 2021)


Thursday, January 7, 8, 9, 10,  depart Monday, May 11th


Gathering 4 (2021)


Thursday, May 6th, 7, 8, 9,  depart Monday, May 10th


If a waitlist occurs I will create a second group.






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