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 Of Celtic heritage, Shonagh follows the wisdom of the ancients and serves as an An Bàn Draoi (dree), Gaelic for a Celtic medicine woman/seer. As a modern medicine woman, she brings her connection to nature and the spirit worlds into her flourishing practice, working with clients from all over the world who travel to her little farmhouse in Vermont for a very unique healing experience. Her work is probing and revelatory and ultimately life-renovating.


Shonagh has studied with master teachers and for the past 10 years has apprenticed herself to the mushroom teachers, who have led her into profound connection with her ancestral roots. She is a seer who specializes in shadow work, delving into the rich territory of the deep psyche.


In addition, she is skilled at the art of assisting psychedelic seekers to understand and integrate the deeper layers of experiences they have engaged in the past. Nature speaks in symbol and metaphor, as does the deep psyche. So too, a psychedelic experience is rich with symbolic meaning that is too often overlooked, A deeper understanding confers greater awareness and results in profound inner change. A session with Shonagh will assist in the translation of what came through that experience. This approach is also helpful in working with particularly powerful dreams, which are messages from the deep psyche. 


manifesting 101: waking the inner magician

Your mind is a Magic Wand and YOU and only YOU set the limits!

This 4-part course illustrates the techniques I have used diligently and consistently to correct negative thought patterns and activate an inner magician mind state for highly effective manifesting.


An added 45-minute Skype session with me helps you get the ball rolling nicely.  

One-on-One Retreats

A Deep Dive Into Wholeness

These one-on-one immersions are a deep dive into the mystery and majesty of you.


This offering is for someone who is ready to heal, unfold, and deepen into profound forest teachings that hold priceless wisdom.


The entire immersion is devoted to YOU and will focus on exactly what you are endeavoring to heal/address/cultivate/discover.


"Shonagh, your newsletters are not short and each time (no matter how long my "to do" list is at the time) I find myself reading them all the way to the end. Thank you so much for the work you are doing here. I am truly and deeply grateful for you!!"   Love, Becca